Kassie, thank you for sharing Somaderm HGH Gel with me.  Here’s what I’m seeing so far: skin softer, lines diminishing, hair and nails stronger, mode better (for years I’ve suffered with SAD and it hasn’t been as bad), sleeping like a baby, and energy with staying power.  Thank you so much!  Maureen Gannon,NY


Kassie was an amazing voice for our girls to hear- not only was she empowering and inspiring, but she helped our girls view each other in such a way that really helped our team chemistry! She was an absolute pleasure to have and tremendously helped our team at a  pivotal time of the season.  I would highly recommend her to any coach, program & team! Tara Flynn, Wagner Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach

Kassie, thank you so much for working with me on my VISION statement.  After just listening to me talk about what I would love to do with my life, you were able to pick out key words which then became a clear statement defining what I wanted to experience.  As you read the statement I was emotionally moved.  Without even meeting me, you were able to nail it!  It felt so perfect!  I kept repeating my personal vision statement as I prepared for my job interview the very next day and I GOT THE JOB!  Not only that, I received another job offer the day after that!!  Both job offers aligned perfectly with my vision statement.  I can’t thank you enough Kassie!  Even though I know life presents curves at times, at least now I feel like I’m on the right path.  I am looking forward to our weekly sessions and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to clarify their vision and begin living the life they want.

J. Miller, Greenfield, Wisconsin

Kassie hope you had a good weekend. I thought you would like to hear Michael scored two goals in the final game of the season to help us clinch the final playoff position. Thanks again for all of your help. I know you like to hear about those success stories for all the people you have helped. Another feather in your cap. When I get home, I still owe you that post competition slice of pizza and ice cream! Thanks, Lou

Thank goodness for Isagenix!  My bloating is gone, my fog has been lifted, I’m so much more clear-headed and my energy is back!  My house, husband and 5 kids thank you!!!  I lost some weight on my own, but have lost an additional 10 with Isagenix.  I’m back to my normal weight and am able to take all my classes at the gym that I love.  Thank you so much.  I want you to know how thankful I am to have my life back!!!

Jenni, Great Barrington, MA

Thank you so much Kassie for sharing Isagenix with me!  It has changed my life!  I became so filled with energy and I can’t believe my weight loss.  I’m down 62 pounds since I started with my program with you.  Thank you!

Barbara, NY

Hey Fellow “Kassie” followers. Kassie asked me to mention our conversation the other day when I mentioned that I actually spend a lot LESS on food each month on the Isa program. When you go to the market several times a week or even just weekly we don’t consider that amount we spend on food so directly as when we place our monthly order. It’s a lot LESS everyone. I promise. I’ve been on this program since the beginning of Feb. 43 lbs down, feeling great and I DO have more $ in my wallet. But consider this. YOU deserve to be healthy and feel good about yourself. Don’t want to put our a big chunk of $ at one time… Think about NO drips and drabs going out of your wallet…because you won’t be doing that!

K.D., MA

Today is day 32 being on the nutritional cleansing system sorta. I pick and choose what works for me. Yet I am still down 14lbs and 3 inches off my waist.

Beth, Great Barrington, MA

Thank you for introducing me to the nutritional cleansing system!   I was looking for something to help me feel better.  I have been dealing with the negative effects of a tick bite for years and knew I needed to pump my body full of nutrients.  The products are so easy to incorporate into my daily routine AND I’M FEELING SO MUCH BETTER!!!  I can really see the difference when I workout.  I love being active and enjoy working out.  However, since getting Lyme, I would be more than exhausted afterwards.  I know you said Isagenix is not a cure for illnesses, but for me, this system has made a huge improvement!!!  Thanks again for sharing!!

M.V., Lee, MA

I am so glad I started this nutritional cleansing system with Kassie! In twelve days my winter weight is gone and I do believe I will finally shed those dreaded last 15 lbs that never want to leave my body! – feeling awesome.

C.R., Great Barrington, MA

I am so happy I decided to take Kassie’s advice and try this nutritional cleansing system.  After 10 days on the 30 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System, I am down 11 lbs, 9 inches (3 1/2 off my waist!!!)  I am loving how I feel!

Katherine, Richmond, MA

I never thought I would be able to do it, but I just climbed up the 5 mile killer hill in Campo Brenzone Italy!  It’s all because of the work you’re doing with me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I FEEL AMAZING!

Rita, Sole’ Salon, Great Barrington, MA

What I love about Kassie is that she’s Western trained (exercise and nutrition) with an Eastern flair.  I’m so glad I started working with her.

Kathy M., Great Barrington, MA

I had been working with Kassie for only 5 months on technique and posing before taking second place in the NPC Minnesota State Championships! Her extensive knowledge and positive attitude are inspiring and her enthusiasm infectious. My confidence and presentation improved dramatically under her guidance. Kassie is the BEST for anyone serious about making a life change!

Nu G.

Great News To Share!!!!  Went to try on the dress I ordered for my friend’s wedding- THEY NEEDED TO ORDER ME A SIZE SMALLER!!!!!  By eating clean (not “dieting”) and doing 3 half hour workouts with you a week, I am down an entire dress size AND I FEEL GREAT!!!!  If this is what happens only after a few weeks, I can only imagine what I am going to create by the end of the summer!   Thanks for turning me on to your bars.  They are perfect for my 10:00 and 3:00 meals.

Rita, Sole’ Salon, Great Barrington, MA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for finally selling your yummy protein fruit and nut bars!!!!!  My kids love them too!  I have mine for breakfast and they have them for an afternoon snack.   Nuts, raisins/craisins, just a touch of chocolate and some other yummy ingredients.  Best of all- NO PRESERVATIVES!!!!!!  Keep it up Kass-


Kassie, I loved the 2 fitness classes you taught.  I am so glad Claire decided to ask you to sub for her.  Each quite different from hers; each very complimentary to her teaching!  I’ve been going to a gym regularly– early on when I was working in NYC and could well afford a personal trainer–and since preferring classes, since my mid 30′s.  That’s a big number of years….with a 4 in it!!!  Kassie, it wasn’t until today when you demo’d the “flank steak” method of ab training, I’ve never really felt’m doing sit ups, etc.were always pretty easy.

Judie, MA

Thanks Kassie! I have gone from 198-190 lb in just 2 weeks.  The workout and nutritional plan you sent me is awesome.  My energy level is fantastic. Probably the best it’s been in years. I wake up earlier than ever without an alarm clock (4:30am today, 5am yesterday—which for me is a huge difference), and I’m wide awake almost immediately (I used to have to wake up slowly—20-30 minutes). I used to get tired around 2pm or so, but lately I don’t get tired at all in the afternoons. I also think I’m being more productive for my work and feel more mentally sharp, so that’s a plus too. I never thought working with a trainer online would be so easy and affordable!

UPDATE:  Even after going on vacation for a week, 10 weeks in I am down to 171!!!  I love how you change up my routines.  They definitely shock my body and I know I’m getting stronger!!!  Now that Spring is here and the jackets are off, I’m getting compliments on my weight loss and how I look in shape (that’s fantastic!).


I was introduced to Kassie at New York Health & Racquet, York Avenue, Manhattan.  Kassie was recommended as a Level 3 (highest) Personal Trainer.  I was beginning a “Transformation Challenge”, sponsored by Muscle Media.  The “Challenge” was an intensive 12 week competition for amateur bodybuilders with an emphasis on fat loss and physique improvement.

Kassie trained me twice a week, for over an hour per session.  The workouts were intensive, and because I have done similar training for many years, I was able to judge Kassie’s knowledge of weight training technique.  It is, as you would expect from a woman who has gained national recognition as an athlete, extensive and expert.

However, because of my age, 65, Kassie needed to understand what my particular limits were.  Training six days a week, I completed the “Challenge” without any injury or ill effects, a fact I am sure was due to Kassie’s careful monitoring of my progress.

Kassie is highly intelligent, motivated and disciplined individual.  She also has a delightful personality.  Were I seeking a person with executive skills, I would have no hesitation in employing her in my company and giving her high responsibilities.

Keith J., NY, NY

Skyping with Kassie to change my workout to a home workout was really easy–I then check in periodically to switch it up. In just a few sessions I have lost inches and she has taught me very much!
Anne A.

Kassie… You ROCK! :-) We made an appointment to communicate by typing and showing me the right way to do different workouts through Skype since we are far away from each other. Thanks for teaching me the right ways. I learned a lot from you, Kassie. I’m looking forward to learn more. I feel awesome! Again.. Thank you!!

Jessy B.

Been working with Kassie for a while and she has helped me make a lot of changes. I have been working out for many years and could not do what she did for me. I recommended her to a friend and she did wonders with her too. I’m so glad I met Kassie. It’s a lot of work, but in the end it’s worth the time I spend with her. I recommend her training to anyone who’s serious about sports.

Douglas J.