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Sports & Women’s Empowerment

We are all in this TOGETHER!


Why do we play?  Because we CAN!  Our entire being says yes as we move on the court, swim in the pool, run on the field, glide on the ice or drive a ball up the fairway.  Whether in practice or game, we feel strong, able and empowered.  Playing allows us the opportunity to battle against an opponent, as well as ourselves.  Sports are the vehicle by which we learn to work together with VICTORY as our united goal.  We get to stand our ground and be heard through our actions.  We get to WIN!

I believe LIFE is the ultimate game.  We play in it, while always remembering we get to play above it as well.  Just as in sports, life provides us with opportunities to choose who we are being.  Are we the champion or the loser, comeback story or the quitter, cheerleader or criticizer, leader or follower?   No matter what’s going on in the game, we ALWAYS get to choose.  It is in that moment, we get to open ourselves up to what it really means to be EMPOWERED.

Right now, we are experiencing a wellspring of women’s voices.  Voices, as individual as they may be, they stand for us collectively.  We are hearing these voices, all of which are devoid of any victim attachment.  They are being heard not because of volume, but rather the display of one’s authentic self.  It is in this way of being, our vulnerability shines through not as weakness, but rather as our strength.

We are all in this together.  As we continue moving forward~ let us continue celebrating each other, being strong for each other and supporting each other as we learn to tame the self-defeating voice within.  The moment we feel our worth within, nothing changes, YET EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Produce With A PRO



Exclusive online training with Kassie Alnwick

Have you been working so hard to create a life that now you find yourself in no physical condition to enjoy it fully?  If you’re a ROCK STAR in your business and simply require a ROCK STAR in the fitness industry to jump into your life, listen to what you’re looking to create in the area of your health (ie get so freaking healthy you could jump out of a helicopter with a snowboard attached to your boots) and keep it so simple you would hardly notice any change in your life except how incredible you feel~ THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!

How simple is this?

We chat for 15 minutes to see if our connection feels like a WIN/WIN, I listen to where you’re at and where you want to go, I ask a question to see if we’re on the same page nutritionally and  I collect some contact information.  Painless!

If it doesn’t feel right to either one of us, we’ll go our separate ways.

HOWEVER, if we do connect~ LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

You will receive a video about the nutritional system all my clients are using to meet with success .  We will discuss your health goals (phone, Skype or in person) and I will support you in deciding the nutritional plan that is right for you based on what you say you’re up to.

You will also receive a personalized training program.  There are two lanes of travel~ a beginner workout for those of you just starting out and an advanced workout for those already training.  The intensity of the workout is up to YOU!

I wake up to support everyone I meet in getting into the best health of their lives so they can chase, catch and live their dreams!  Your success is determined by your commitment and connection.  You will be included in my private Facebook coaching group, included in a 30 minute weekly call and receive weekly personal text/Facebook messages.  This connection allows for opportunities in the areas of  motivation, nutrition/movement education and most importantly supporting you in generalizing the mental strategies you currently possess to ROCK in your business, now to ROCK in your body!

One on one private coaching is available for an additional fee.

This simple to follow plan allows you to  “have a life” while keeping your health a priority.