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Are You Prepared to Bring Your “A Game”?

If not NOW, when?

I wear many hats and “Hockey Mom” is one of them.  This time of year is very exciting in my house because of the NHL playoffs.  The intensity of play is insane!  Players playing at speeds never seen before, many of them diving in front of pucks going over a hundred miles an hour to protect their goal AND shots on goal multiply exponentially.  It’s all for the glory of claiming the prestigious Stanley Cup Title.  Every player brings his “A Game”.  IT’S MADNESS AND IT’S ALL WORTH IT

So how about you?  Are you living the life you see in your mind or simply settling for what’s coming your way?  Here’s what I know for sure~  we were NOT meant to settle.  If you can see it in your mind, you have everything you require to bring it to fruition.  The only challenge is trusting it will show up when you require it.  By trusting you are laughing in the face of fear.  You are choosing to be a warrior instead of a worrier.  You are choosing to bring your “A Game” to the party!

According to Jen Sincero, author of You Are A Badass & You Are A Badass At Making Money, four players must show up and they must be in alignment with what you’re up to in order to change the life course you are currently on.  Your badass team is made up of the following players: BELIEFS, THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS, with THOUGHTS being the captain.  Life is short.  Regret is painful.  You deserve to live an authentic life filled with joy.  Only you can decide to bring your players and coach them up so their “A Game” brings you your version of the Stanley Cup.

Produce With A PRO



Exclusive online training with Kassie Alnwick

Have you been working so hard to create a life that now you find yourself in no physical condition to enjoy it fully?  If you’re a ROCK STAR in your business and simply require a ROCK STAR in the fitness industry to jump into your life, listen to what you’re looking to create in the area of your health (ie get so freaking healthy you could jump out of a helicopter with a snowboard attached to your boots) and keep it so simple you would hardly notice any change in your life except how incredible you feel~ THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!

How simple is this?

We chat for 15 minutes to see if our connection feels like a WIN/WIN, I listen to where you’re at and where you want to go, I ask a question to see if we’re on the same page nutritionally and  I collect some contact information.  Painless!

If it doesn’t feel right to either one of us, we’ll go our separate ways.

HOWEVER, if we do connect~ LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

You will receive a video about the nutritional system all my clients are using to meet with success .  We will discuss your health goals (phone, Skype or in person) and I will support you in deciding the nutritional plan that is right for you based on what you say you’re up to.

You will also receive a personalized training program.  There are two lanes of travel~ a beginner workout for those of you just starting out and an advanced workout for those already training.  The intensity of the workout is up to YOU!

I wake up to support everyone I meet in getting into the best health of their lives so they can chase, catch and live their dreams!  Your success is determined by your commitment and connection.  You will be included in my private Facebook coaching group, included in a 30 minute weekly call and receive weekly personal text/Facebook messages.  This connection allows for opportunities in the areas of  motivation, nutrition/movement education and most importantly supporting you in generalizing the mental strategies you currently possess to ROCK in your business, now to ROCK in your body!

One on one private coaching is available for an additional fee.

This simple to follow plan allows you to  “have a life” while keeping your health a priority.

Love What You Do

What do you do anyway?

I have worn so many hats over the years it makes me chuckle and smile.  The one constant has been my desire to assist people in reaching PERSONAL  GREATNESS.  I love waking up everyday inspiring others to do what inspires them.  My passion has driven me to become a certified personal trainer, certified nutritional adviser, as well as become certified to handle food prep for my clients.  Over the past year I decided to take my own health to the next level by becoming a product user of the BEST nutritional products on the planet right now.  I loved the products AND my product experience so much I decided to enter the world of network marketing in order to provide my family, friends and clients the best option.  Trainer? Nutritional adviser? Cook? Network marketer?

And this is why I have people ask me what I do, one job title is just not enough.

Let’s just go with – I assist clients in reaching personal greatness.  I absolutely love what I do on a daily basis!  I get to choose the people that surround me.  I get to work with purpose-driven individuals.  Those around me allow me the opportunity to work my craft.  All the individuals in my organization are looking to improve their health and their family’s well-being.  They all desire change and are ready to take the steps in order for those changes to occur.  When I think back to the narrow-minded perspective I had for my life so many years ago, I am so grateful I chose to take the road most follow.  Find your WHY.  That’s where your story truly begins.

Are you looking to  live in the body you always dreamed of and live out of the bank account that will provide you with unlimited choices for you and your family?

Are you tired of trading time for money and love the idea of inspiring others to become their best?

I invite you to reach out to learn why I smile when I open my eyes in the morning.