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Our Greatest Gift

How often do we hold back the greatest gift to ourselves?

In The Little Soul and the Sun, two BFF souls will journey to Earth together, one thrilled and the other not so eager.  Just before their departure, a favor is asked of the excited soul.  “If you are going to be forgiveness, I will have to be so ungodly in order for you to have reason to forgive me.  As soon as you forgive me, please promise me you will find a way to remind me who I REALLY am.”The promise was made and they were on their way.

I am always amazed how children’s stories are equally as valuable to adults.  This story allows the reader to view any wrongdoer in a completely different light.  You may not agree with the heavenly contract scenario, but I am sure we can all agree these souls have truly forgotten who they are~ beings of light and love.

Forgiveness may feel like the most difficult gift to give another, yet it is the greatest gift we get to give ourselves.  When we forgive another, we are choosing to lay down our grievances.  We are choosing to release the heavy burden of anger, pain and sorrow that keeps us in darkness.  Now, I’m not suggesting you go “hug it out”.  Forgiveness may be as simple as a quiet offering within your own mind.  No matter how mammoth or minute the offense you find yourself experiencing, forgiveness will always set your soul free.

Transforming oneself is a process of shedding off what we are not in order to allow our soul to fully express itself.  An unburdened soul fully expressing lives a life on fire.  It’s a soul living a life on passion with purpose.  One thing I know for sure~ forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves!