I didn’t always like myself.  That negative self-talk was so incredibly defeating.  So I changed it.  And it began with knowing I wanted something different.

Ever felt this way or know someone who does?  I am here to support.

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Own Your Story

Our story is the DNA of our experience~

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine, as usual, in a car with kids and hockey bags, traveling to and from games. That being said, this weekend was special for me because 12 years ago I became a mother. My story isn’t any more special than any other mother, however it is the story shared by myself, my husband, our oldest son, my midwife & my doula.

I don’t know why, but all throughout my pregnancy never once did a mother share her labor & birth story with me. For that I am so grateful. I am grateful to those who thought to share, but didn’t.

Before I continue, if you know of anyone who is pregnant or has the potential to become pregnant, I hope you think enough about them & my message to share this with them.

Being pregnant was the most empowered moment in my life. My body, along with my decisions, were the life support system for a developing human being. It was also the most vulnerable experience of my life as well. I knew at some point I would have to allow my body to take over, communicate with my baby & dictate the delivery of my precious cargo.

I knew the STORY I told myself about my pregnancy, labor & delivery was as important as the nutrition I supplied my body. Luckily, I didn’t have to protect MY STORY from others looking to have me borrow theirs.

If you were my daughter, this is what I offer~

The most important word you can utilize is NO. As soon as someone starts down that road of sharing their experience ~ say NO. Even go so far as to put your hand up. Follow your hard NO with, ” Thank you for wanting to share, but we are going to table this talk until after I have my baby. Then I can share my personal story too.” And DO NOT follow it with OK? You’re not asking for their permission, you’re being clear about your intention.

Your story is the DNA for your experience. Own it, protect it, live it.

A side note: my son was inspired to begin his labor story when he heard the music from the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics and he joined us listening to the ROCKY compilation😊

Life is a Series of Revisions

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve revised my blog.  All I know is it’s been countless.  As I always say “Everything is always working out for me (you)” and “Everything must be viewed under the light of how it serves you”.  Life revisions are to be included without a doubt.  How many times have we all used a life revision as an opportunity to beat ourselves up.  As if we are supposed to jump into this life thing perfectly.  WHAT???  No way, doesn’t happen people!

Life is a series of revisions.  We simply learn from BEING & DOING.  Doesn’t it make sense to give ourselves a break and stop taking ourselves so freaking seriously?  Trial by error.  Keep what works, throw out the rest.  The key is to view each revision as a positive step forward.  Be thrilled with the process & the progress~ don’t you agree?

I’m always open to opinions.  I listen, take what I agree with and throw out the rest.  I’ve made some changes to each page, to include the name of my blog & I would love feedback about any part of this creation.  Looking forward to writing again & thanks in advance for the responses.





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2017 New York Grand Prix

Great time had by all!

Special thanks to MJ Snyder for flying out from California to be with us!  We LOVED the suits you created for us!

MJ’s Atomic Designs