My vision…

I see every women living a life filled with passion and purpose.  Long gone are the days when physical, mental or emotional chains keep us from experiencing a life on fire.  Our overflowing self-love flows out into the world and is generously reflected back to us.


I am a certified personal trainer, nutritional adviser,transformation coach and inspirational speaker…AND so are hundreds of thousands of others.  Why do you feel I am the one to join you on your journey right now?


Maybe you’re attracted to the fact that I was a full scholarship division I athlete.  From a very young age I watched as female athletes transitioned from high school to college without any financial hardship.  Vision, determination and action afforded these women the college experience.  I can still hear my mother~ If they can do it, so can you.  I did.  (Wagner College ’86-’90, lower right, #30)


Maybe you’re attracted to the fact that I came back from a severe accident the end of my sophomore year.  While preparing for my junior season I was hit by a car.  I suffered a serious concussion and required surgery on my left knee.  Post rehab, I began a progressive strength training program & clean eating plan in order to remain a scholarship athlete.  I not only regained my strength, I finished the season on the All Tournament Team as my team finished first in the NEC Conference and won the NEC Championship.


Maybe you’re attracted to the fact that I took my passion for strength training to the extreme by competing in the sport of body building.  I hit the competitive stage in 1991, competed at the state level and continued on through the 90’s reaching the national level.   Along that journey,  I took the heavy weight title and overall at the BODY ROCK  CLASSIC and JAN TANA.  I came back to the sport in 2012 as a physique athlete after having my two boys, placing in the top 5 at the 2013 Master’s Nationals and placing 6th at the 2015 Arnold Amateur (1st from the US).  In 2017, I decided to step back on stage to prove “self-sponsorship” was  possible.  I became a walking demonstration of true empowerment for all athletes, especially female athletes.  Instead of taking table scraps from supplement companies, I utilized network marketing as my vehicle to prove athletes can earn an income for being who they are~ inspiration for those around them.  Enjoying my smaller frame, I placed 3rd in the master’s 35+ figure category at 48 years of age.


Maybe you’re attracted to the fact that I take a completely different approach to reaching optimum physical health.  I believe in maintaining and creating lean muscle, cleansing at the cellular level, and providing missing elements in order for the body to run ridiculously well.  This approach has been known to increase energy and endurance, improve sleep, decrease stored fuel ( body fat), increase bone density, improve mental focus and decrease in inflammation (inches and pain).

Maybe you’re attracted to the fact that I approach my clients in a holistic manner. Having been on a self-motivated journey for the last 30 years, I have taken what sits well in my being and thrown out the rest.  I realize you are a whole being fueled with both masculine and feminine energy.  You’re made up of beliefs, thought patterns, emotional anchors, physical habits and more.  Your entire being must be taken into consideration and many times, your thought patterns, use of your energies and habits must be interrupted for transformation to occur.


I invite you to schedule an appointment.  Consultation fee~ $75


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