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As a women's empowerment leader, I support women in setting themselves free so they may experience LIVING THEIR LIFE ON FIRE ! There are personal trainers who work on the body, life coaches who work on life purpose and spiritual coaches who work on connecting you to your Source. I bridge the gap between all three!

Holiday Stress Relief

This year I will enjoy the holidays without self-sacrifice

Yes, the holidays are coming up quickly.  “To Do” lists are getting longer and longer and time for yourself is becoming nonexistent, so you think…….

Holiday experience of old:

Lengthy To Do list
Time for self eliminated (weekly workouts, healthy meals, sleep, breathing, etc.)
Increased stress level
Meals and snacks on the go
Guilt for not finishing the To Do list
Catch a cold or worse
Holiday enjoyment – none
Thrilled the holidays are over

Let’s collectively choose not to go there! 

Take a breath, delegate what you can and try this~

Make your lengthy list.  Mine has 20 items.  Pick the top 5 things “To Do” that bring YOU the most joy.  Put these items in your planner.  Pick 3 more to do when your top 5 have been completed.  The rest can stay on the original list which I like to keep out of sight.
Sounds simple, but I’ve been doing this for the past few years and it has helped considerably.   Nothing to put in the “Guilt Bag” (got rid of that years ago too).
Mental fatigue is more exhausting than physical fatigue
Try to eat as nutritious as you can, drink lots of water and get as much rest as possible!

Make this your most joyous holiday season ever!

Female Athletes Can Have It All!

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, sponsorship holds the same meaning.  A company has chosen to offer you financial backing or items to support your athletic endeavor and in return you promote the company and its product/products.  Unfortunately, female athletes are passed over for their male counterparts all too often.  According to an article from Play the Game, “despite increasing interest in women’s sport, almost all sponsor deals still go to men.  New research from the United Kingdom reveals a deep gulf between male and female athletes when it comes to sponsorship.”  In addition to the competition between men and women, there lies the competition between women for those very few coveted spots.  The female athlete is judged for her beauty, rather than athletic ability or character.  This a fact.  The “attraction factor” weighs very heavily in the decision making process.

As we move forward, digging deep to find our individual worth is paramount. “I believe if we start believing in ourselves and not listen to nay sayers we can elevate” stated Bernell Hooker, Milwaukee Aces & CEO at Images of US Sports.  Our U.S. Women’s Hockey team did just that back in March 2017.  While we all can recall their gold medal victory at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, many are unaware of their boycott against USA Hockey for “fair wages and equitable support” from the organization.  Thanks to their grit, support from other professional athletes and all the alternative players called refusing to take their sisters’ spot, the women’s hockey team prevailed.   Sponsorship it is not, but nevertheless it is a victory.

One thing I know for sure, empowered women find a way.  After placing 1st from the US at the 2015 Arnold Classic, I submitted photos and letters containing my bio, placings in competitions from the last 25 years, as well as how I planned to use my passion for physical fitness to impact the lives of others.  Out of the 15 packages I sent out, I only received 1 back thanking me, but “no thank you, we’re not interested” was the response.  I allowed myself a 5 minute pity party.  At which time I remembered all the dances I attended in high school, but was never asked to dance.  The fact that I was 6’2 and everyone else was vertically challenged of course didn’t help matters.  My 5 minutes were up and it was time to figure it out.

There is a solution for female athletes playing at the professional or amateur level.  No longer do we have to do without or worse accept table scraps from companies taking advantage of our eagerness to BE A SPONSORED ATHLETE. All that is required is to think outside the box, be authentically you and open yourself up to the greatest business of the 21st century~ network marketing. 

Once you allow yourself to get past the stigma of the 1970’s “pyramid scheme” (being paid commission on membership without supplying a service or product), you have opened yourself up to a world of financial gain for product endorsement on your terms.  As athletes, we are walking demonstrations of health, wellness, inspiration, motivation, determination, success and time management mastery. By simply being you, “your” people are attracted to you and what you’re up to.  The allotment of focused pockets of time gives you the ability to connect people with what will improve their lives, while providing you with residual income to fund your athletic endeavors and more.  The sky is the limit and your worth it!  Instead of just being a spokesperson (if even offered) for a company, how incredible would it feel to build your own empire?

SELF-SPONSORSHIP~ I did it and it’s EMPOWERING!  I have been able to successfully use network marketing to my advantage and so can you!  You may be intrigued and inspired to let network marking provide an additional stream of income, but don’t know where to begin.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding what company deserves YOU:

  • Is the product a MUST HAVE for me?
  • Is the product consumable?
  • Does the company provide an autoship option for monthly reordering?
  • Is the company mission statement in alignment with my vision statement?
  • How many distributors are already in the company?
  • How much does it cost to start as a business partner?
  • How are Products introduced to potential customers/business partners?
  • Is an in-person demo necessary or are online tools available?
  • Is the compensation plan fair?
  • Is the company utilizing a binary model?

Ladies, we are all in this together!  I am available to guide you through the process of self-sponsorship.  If you believe you’re worth having it all and NOW is the time to take it, take the first step.




Are You Prepared to Bring Your “A Game”?

If not NOW, when?

I wear many hats and “Hockey Mom” is one of them.  This time of year is very exciting in my house because of the NHL playoffs.  The intensity of play is insane!  Players playing at speeds never seen before, many of them diving in front of pucks going over a hundred miles an hour to protect their goal AND shots on goal multiply exponentially.  It’s all for the glory of claiming the prestigious Stanley Cup Title.  Every player brings his “A Game”.  IT’S MADNESS AND IT’S ALL WORTH IT

So how about you?  Are you living the life you see in your mind or simply settling for what’s coming your way?  Here’s what I know for sure~  we were NOT meant to settle.  If you can see it in your mind, you have everything you require to bring it to fruition.  The only challenge is trusting it will show up when you require it.  By trusting you are laughing in the face of fear.  You are choosing to be a warrior instead of a worrier.  You are choosing to bring your “A Game” to the party!

According to Jen Sincero, author of You Are A Badass & You Are A Badass At Making Money, four players must show up and they must be in alignment with what you’re up to in order to change the life course you are currently on.  Your badass team is made up of the following players: BELIEFS, THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS, with THOUGHTS being the captain.  Life is short.  Regret is painful.  You deserve to live an authentic life filled with joy.  Only you can decide to bring your players and coach them up so their “A Game” brings you your version of the Stanley Cup.

Our Greatest Gift

How often do we hold back the greatest gift to ourselves?

In The Little Soul and the Sun, two BFF souls will journey to Earth together, one thrilled and the other not so eager.  Just before their departure, a favor is asked of the excited soul.  “If you are going to be forgiveness, I will have to be so ungodly in order for you to have reason to forgive me.  As soon as you forgive me, please promise me you will find a way to remind me who I REALLY am.”The promise was made and they were on their way.

I am always amazed how children’s stories are equally as valuable to adults.  This story allows the reader to view any wrongdoer in a completely different light.  You may not agree with the heavenly contract scenario, but I am sure we can all agree these souls have truly forgotten who they are~ beings of light and love.

Forgiveness may feel like the most difficult gift to give another, yet it is the greatest gift we get to give ourselves.  When we forgive another, we are choosing to lay down our grievances.  We are choosing to release the heavy burden of anger, pain and sorrow that keeps us in darkness.  Now, I’m not suggesting you go “hug it out”.  Forgiveness may be as simple as a quiet offering within your own mind.  No matter how mammoth or minute the offense you find yourself experiencing, forgiveness will always set your soul free.

Transforming oneself is a process of shedding off what we are not in order to allow our soul to fully express itself.  An unburdened soul fully expressing lives a life on fire.  It’s a soul living a life on passion with purpose.  One thing I know for sure~ forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves!

Sports & Women’s Empowerment

We are all in this TOGETHER!


Why do we play?  Because we CAN!  Our entire being says yes as we move on the court, swim in the pool, run on the field, glide on the ice or drive a ball up the fairway.  Whether in practice or game, we feel strong, able and empowered.  Playing allows us the opportunity to battle against an opponent, as well as ourselves.  Sports are the vehicle by which we learn to work together with VICTORY as our united goal.  We get to stand our ground and be heard through our actions.  We get to WIN!

I believe LIFE is the ultimate game.  We play in it, while always remembering we get to play above it as well.  Just as in sports, life provides us with opportunities to choose who we are being.  Are we the champion or the loser, comeback story or the quitter, cheerleader or criticizer, leader or follower?   No matter what’s going on in the game, we ALWAYS get to choose.  It is in that moment, we get to open ourselves up to what it really means to be EMPOWERED.

Right now, we are experiencing a wellspring of women’s voices.  Voices, as individual as they may be, they stand for us collectively.  We are hearing these voices, all of which are devoid of any victim attachment.  They are being heard not because of volume, but rather the display of one’s authentic self.  It is in this way of being, our vulnerability shines through not as weakness, but rather as our strength.

We are all in this together.  As we continue moving forward~ let us continue celebrating each other, being strong for each other and supporting each other as we learn to tame the self-defeating voice within.  The moment we feel our worth within, nothing changes, YET EVERYTHING CHANGES.


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