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Give Yourself The Gift of HEALTH!

🎊🎄Holidays are here‼️ NOW is the PERFECT time ⏰ to move on your 🎉🎉New Year’s Goals‼️ SKIP the 😩DIET🚫and GO FOR a 💪HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! 💪

🙋🏻How to GET STARTED⁉️
This is THE VALUE PAK‼! It has EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SUCCESS!!! Let me break it down for you…(Note: We have Weight Loss, Energy, Performance, and Healthy Aging Value Paks!!!🎉🎉)

✳️68 Meals = 56 meals (2 shakes/day for 28 days!) + 12 meals (4 day supply of cleanse/support)✔✔

✳️Healthy Snacking – 10 meal replacement bars (eat 1/2 bar for snack or full bar for meal)✔✔

✳️Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis Vitamins for nutritional insurance + anti-aging benefits✔️✔️

✳️Ionix Supreme – Nature’s answer to mental and physical stress✔️✔️

✳️e+ Shots for incredible energy✔️✔️

✳️IsaDelights – our yummy chocolate 🍫😋 savior on Cleanse days✔✔



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