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Valentine’s Day

And you’re a health blog, right…….

Why would I be writing about Valentine’s Day anyway?  The candy?  The Chocolate?  Nope!  It’s all about you and what you’re looking to CREATE.  Whether it’s a body, a business, a bank account or a relationship, the power of CREATING IS IN YOUR HANDS.

Valentine’s Day is a day to remind those we love and those who love us to say it and demonstrate it.  That’s great for everyone in a loving relationship, but how about those who are not.  It can be a low emotional day or even as severe as a deep depression.  Well, have no fear.  I’m here to let you know that I was a DATELESS WONDER for quite some time many years ago.  It was fine for a while when I was extremely focused on building my kickass training business, but once that madness settled I felt the emptiness.  No longer was my cat or calls to my mother/girlfriends enough.  I had a pity party for a few days.  Yeah, not my thing.  I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, pull up my BIG GIRL pants and start creating!  And NO, I didn’t go to the grocery store and buy every magazine telling me “What men want”!  PALEEEEASE!!!!

Just as I was on a journey to CREATE everything else in my world, I decided to follow the same steps to bring my LIFE PARTNER to me.  I only say life partner because I had been married before and whether I married again wasn’t an issue.  I was looking to create the right relationship for me.  Curious?  Here goes…..

I sat down with pen in hand and several pieces of paper.  I wrote across the top of the page SOMEONE WHO…..  I then began to fill it in.  Line by line I wrote.  I actually wrote 2 pages worth of someone who.  I will never forget the first line~ SOMEONE WHO will see if LIFE has knocked me down, will stand ready if I require an arm of strength as I pick myself up to regain my power and will see that power as a gift not as a threat.  Others went on to read loves the smell of fresh cut grass, appreciates the little things in life, has similar values, appreciates family, etc.  By writing out my list, I was putting my order into the Cosmic Kitchen.  Just as I had confidence my waiter would bring me my dinner, I KNEW the Universe would deliver my SOMEONE WHO.

What did I do in the meantime?  Lived life to the fullest.  I asked myself what I would enjoy doing with someone and I would go do it myself~ movies, dinners out, walks in the park, trips to museums, the WORKS!  I even sent myself flowers!!!!!  Most importantly, I kept working on me.  I kept striving for excellence.   I kept doing my thing.  My mom always said “people should just do what they love, that’s where they will meet a good fit”.

How did this turn out for me?  Perfectly.  Four months later, 2 days before moving to California, my life changed with a phone call.  My college boyfriend was trying to reach me through a friend, I said it would be ok to share my number, we met that day, I still went to California, came back east for a wedding, never went back, we got back together, married a few years after, had 2 beautiful boys, life has beeen filled with ups and downs, moments of joy, moments of tension and I keep on CREATING as I go along.  BTW, I was able to check off all but 2 of the SOMEONE WHO statements.

Stand in your personal power and create the story you want to unfold.  You HAVE that power and remember, even though it may not look like it~everything is always working out for you!