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Spring Is Here (So They Say)

How can we be open to receive when we haven’t made room for what’s to come?

I get so excited this time of year.  The sound of a few birds chirping lets me know spring is just around the corner.  Right now is the perfect time for an early spring cleaning.  This year I would like to invite you to do more than a physical cleansing of your home.  Instead, focus on your being.  What old, outmoded thoughts and emotions are running a muck?  What physical habits are holding you back?  What relationships are not really relationships?  What needs to be cleansed out of you in order to make room for all of the wonderful new experiences, connections and relationships just waiting around the corner?

Ages ago, I started an address book cleanse ritual (yes, I said address book,).  Every spring I would look at the names in my book.  As I went through, either names would be checked or crossed off (now I just hit DELETE).  Those crossed off just didn’t make it into the new book.  What’s the saying?  “a reason, a season, a lifetime”  I made a conscious choice not to collect people.  The number of people I know, as well as the number of people who know me doesn’t affect my authenticity.  When it comes to relationships, it’ s quality not quantity!

What thoughts are you finally going to release this spring?  My hope is that you write down every ounce of negative self talk you have stored inside your being, read it out loud to yourself, tell yourself out loud the statements are not true and then tear up the paper (or burn it if you have a safe area for this activity).  Start talking to yourself as if you were the president of your fan club!!!  Your focus and your thoughts needs to be on what you want, NOT what you don’t want.

Be grateful!  Every morning be grateful for all that you have and say thank you for all that will be coming your way.  That includes the challenges as well.  In every challenge that knocks you down, there is a window of opportunity to learn something new.  Perception is key!  Strive for strength- mental, emotional and physical.  It is the only way to get up, dust off your pants and drive onward and upward.  Nothing good comes from avoidance.  Challenges only get more intense.   If you are using alcohol, pain medication or  recreational drugs to avoid your life- STOP!  Your life is worth your full attention!  Reach out for the help you require to cleanse your being this spring.

Spring = Rebirth

New Year’s Resolution Solution Final Workshop 3/13/14

Focus:  Stretching & Balance

In addition to the movements we perform in class, I recommend the following: