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New Year’s Resolution Solution Week II 1/23/14

Last Week’s Question:

I don’t like vegetables AT ALL.  I know I need to include them if I want a healthy nutritional plan.  Any suggestions????


Here’s a great link.  The author has some fabulous suggestions.  My favorite is pureeing your vegetables and adding them to your favorite foods (spaghetti  sauce).

Topic:  Empower Your Being Through Strength Training


  • Identify time & energy wasting activities/behaviors
  • Learn how to perform basic strength training exercises

Conserve Your Energy

Whether I am preparing for a sport or adding a new component to my fitness consulting business, the starting point is exactly the same.

My first responsibility is to determine what will make me happy.  Answering this question helps me create my goal.  Notice I say “my responsibility”.  Each individual has the responsibility to create their own happiness.  It took me years and a lot of wasted energy to figure out that it was not my “job” to “make” others happy.  I can certainly be on someone’s “team”, but there is a very big difference between being on someone’s team and trying to make someone happy.

I find it amazing, some people actually enjoy drama (personally I have no time for it).  They enjoy having people trip over themselves to make them feel better.  Attention getting behaviors are for children under 5.  Behaviors  like these do not help individuals create the life they were  meant to live.   If you are reading this and you demonstrate these behaviors, join in, mentally create a positive future for yourself, become an active participant in your life, get strong with us so you can let your spirit fully express itself.

If you are someone who attracts individuals in need of attention and they are not active participants in their lives, you have a decision to make.  I have found a simple test to determine who brings your energy level down.

Simple test-  Think about everyone in your circle.  Does the thought of a particular person make you smile or not?  If the answer is not, boundaries need to be created on your end.

These people don’t always have to be removed from your life.  The easiest thing for you to do is just be aware that a particular person drains your energy.  When you are in contact with them, conserve your energy by not over extending yourself.  Be friendly, be yourself, but hold back on giving advice.  Try it for a week.  Your energy tank will surprise you.  Sometimes metal/emotional energy usage is more draining than my toughest workouts.

  Remember, air mask on yourself first!

I have also learned over the years how important it is to “Rip The Band-aid Off”.  I am not confrontational, I don’t like it.  However, sometimes we have to share information that may be met with resistance.  I have found it best to say what needs to be said and deal with the response sooner rather than later.  I have had people (non-clients) in my life that I needed to pull back from.  They noticed.  I had to share with one particular person that the relationship was extremely draining on my end.  I was trying to help and in return I was dealing with someone starving for attention who  had no intention of moving forward in her life.  I explained I could be a friend but my professional help was not part of the friendship.  This individual was angry and tried to guilt me into continuing the relationship help and all.  I knew at that moment our relationship was not a friendship.  No friendship is based on guilt.

Please hear me when I say, “Women vent, they don’t complain.”

We are verbal creatures.  We have a need to express.  We must have a way to get things off our chest.  If we don’t, what lingers within us will negatively express itself through our body.  I drove myself to the ER a number of years ago because of intense chest pain.  Luckily, it was not my heart.  Let me share with you what a learning moment that was for me.  I haven’t kept anything bottled up inside since.

Venting is healthy, however ongoing negative dialog is not.  I have to address this negative dialog with many of my new clients.  My response, “So what are you doing about it?” They look at me puzzled, as if to say “I can actually do something about this?”  I point out their negative verbal pattern, explain how powerful their mind/thoughts/verbal expressions are and how a mental/verbal shift towards what they want in their lives would benefit them more.

HOMEWORK:  Review how I set myself up for success and create your own Q & A sheet. (BE VERY SPECIFIC)

1.  What will make me happy?

Make sure to include all areas of your life: physical fitness, family, spiritual, etc.

It is very important to write this down.  Post it and read it whenever you can.  Visualize the final outcome and create the feeling within your system that goes along with accomplishing your goal.

2.  Create a “TEAM”?

Create a support team no matter how small you think your goal might be.  It’s important to have positive people around you that want to help you succeed!  They will be there for you to share your ups and downs throughout the process, as well be there to share in your joy when you reach your goal!

3.  Get a “Theme Song”.

Everybody needs a theme song.  This is your anthem!  This is what you blast in your car when you’re driving to work.  You play it when you’re visualizing your goals.  It’s what gets you JAZZED!!!!  It’s what makes you get up when your too exhausted to exist.  Play it, Sing it, Rock it!!!

4. Create Motivational Statements..

You must fill your mind with what you want to create.  If positive statements are flooding your mind, there leaves no room for the negative.

5. Do It When You Don’t Want To

I  have had the best workouts on the days that I have had to drag myself to the gym.  These are the moments when you can really be proud of yourself.  A slice of discipline goes a long way.  Just keep thinking about your goals, play your theme song, get up and go!

6. Enjoy Every Moment Of The Process

It is a lifelong journey, ENJOY IT!  Celebrate your “moments”.  I love it when my clients share their “moments” with me.  “I walked up my 2 flights of stairs without being out of breath”, “I was able to make it through the airport with my carry-on bag without having to stop”, “I was drying my hair and saw my shoulder and bicep muscles”, “I wore an pair of pants I never thought I would ever fit in again”,etc.  Join the “Team” and share your moments with us!

7. Let Your Mind Say What It Wants, You Drive On!

Know going into any adventure there will be moments you question yourself, say negative things to yourself and think about giving up.  Everyone experiences doubt and uncertainty.  What separates those that succeed and those that give up is what is done with that mental negativity and uncertainty.

You are more powerful than any thought in your mind!

These thoughts float through our mind when we are tired and overwhelmed.  When you have thoughts that float in, acknowledge them, thank them for coming by, dismiss them and trust your process.

Giving Up Is NOT An Option!

Strength Training 101

Phase I

Your first goal is to learn how to perform basic strength training exercises with perfect form.  I always recommend 12-15 repetitions in this phase.  The more repetitions you perform, the better you get at performing the exercises.  It’s just like riding a bike or writing your name as a child. Your body needs to develop what is called the “mind to muscle connection”.  You will experience an initial increase in energy from your new exercise program.  You will then notice an increase in strength as you workout.  This is due to the “M-M connection”.  If your muscles were to have a conversation with you, they would be saying, “Oh, this is what you want me to do.  Now I get it!”.   Be patient with yourself and trust the process.  It’s not about 30lb in 30 days.

Basic Gym Full Body Workout

  • 10 – 15 minute cardio workout
  • Full body stretch
  • Shoulder press machine
  • Seated row machine
  • Chest press machine
  • Leg press machine
  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep extension
  • Side slides
  • Crunches/plank
  • 15 – 20 minutes HITT post cardio session

This is the year…

You step out from behind the curtain of who everyone expects you to be and you move toward your authentic self!

You can see her/him when you close your eyes.  There you are doing what you love and being all that you know you can be – Absolutely Amazing!

  No more living in fear!

Stand up, BE YOU and allow your spirit to fully express itself!

To all those who cannot appreciate all that you are I say, “Thank you for weeding yourself out of her/his flower garden.”

Not quite ready to take the first step?  Need to feel a bit of personal power?  Do Pushups & join my team!  Striving towards personal growth is ALWAYS more fun in a pack!

Step One: Plank

Step Two: Push Ups

*Remember to squeeze your glutes tight, this will automatically tighten your midsection.  Your midsection will work for you instead of against you.

*Beginners start with partial pushups (lower your body 1/4 or 1/2 way down and then push up to the starting position).

Where there is strength there is confidence, where there is confidence there is living life fearlessly!

Happy New Year!

Get Fit Challenge Nutrition Workshop 1/16/14

Topic: Macro-nutrients


Before you decide on a new nutritional plan for yourself, I believe you should get to know you macro-nutrients.  Each nutrient plays a major role in human development and function.  You should never follow a plan that removes one of these nutrients completely from your daily nutritional intake.


  • Major source of building materials for muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs
  • Necessary for the formation of hormones
  • It acts to prevent blood and tissue from becoming too acidic or alkaline
  • Helps to regulate water balance
  • Enzymes and antibodies are formed from protein
  • Plays a major role in the production of milk and blood clotting.
  • 1 gram of protein = 4 calories


  • They are the chief source of energy for all body functions and muscular exertion at high intensities
  • They help regulate digestion and utilization of protein and fat
  • Forms of carbohydrates found in food are simple sugars, starches and cellulose
  • 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories


Glycogen is energy stored within muscle tissue. It is utilized during physical activities.  The body requires protein for cell repair, simple carbohydrates to refuel muscle energy and fluid to replace water loss post activity.  Simple carbohydrates cause the body to release insulin.  Insulin directs the cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from blood.  Very little glucose will be stored in adipose tissue due to the energy refuel requirements of the muscle cells.  The glucose is then converted to glycogen that can be stored in the liver and muscles.  Insulin also controls other body systems and regulates the amino acid uptake by body cells.


  • Fats are the most concentrated source of energy in the diet
  • They act as carriers for fat soluble vitamins
  • Involved in cellular-membrane structure and function, precursors to hormones, cellular signals and regulation and excretion of nutrients in the cells
  • Fat deposits surround, protect and hold in place organs such as the kidneys, heart and liver.
  • 1 gram of fat = 9 calories


Calculate Your Daily Caloric Requirements

Daily Calorie Journal

Simple Meal Planning

  • Make a list of 3-4 foods from each macro-nutrient category.
  • Create a meal by choosing 1 food from each macro-nutrient category on your list.


Meal 1:  Oatmeal, protein powder, olive oil

Meal 2:  Chicken breast, sweet potato (mashed), broccoli, olive oil

Meal 3:  Tilapia, brown rice, green beans, olive oil

Buy In Bulk

New Year’s Resolution Solution Week I 1/16/14

Topic:  Set Yourself Up For Success

Focus:  Strengthen Your Spirit, Conquer The Voice Within

Theme Song:


Time Graph, All My Titles, I’m Too Busy, Create the Future You, My Ultimate Goal, Negative Statements, Affirmations/Why Questions, Always Remember, Resources

Physical Activity:   Daily In-Home Workout

  • Full Body Stretch
  • Kitchen Counter Push Ups
  • Chair Squats
  • Dips Off The Couch
  • Side Slides

A Healthy Focus

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Let this be the year you focus on creating healthy habits instead of quick-fix weight loss.  Fueling your body on a daily basis with proper nutrition, regular exercise, hydration, rest and thoughts designed to serve you are habits over a period of time that will create a healthy body.

If you are not an expert in the areas of health and fitness, I highly recommend you find someone who will save you time and aggravation  by providing personalized knowledge, guidance, motivation and support as you move in the direction of health and well-being.

If it’s fear of the unknown or failure that has you paralyzed on the sidelines of your LIFE, let me offer you this:

It’s SO MUCH MORE FUN to risk falling down in this game than to watch it pass you by.  I’m behind you 100% and if you do fall, I will be there to pick you up in order for you to try again and again and again!   Join My Isagenix Transformation Team

Focus on getting your swagger back, not how much weight you lose!

Tone Program 1/16/14

Topic:   Pre and Post Game Meals

Focus:  Take Your Game To The Next Level


Hands On Baking:   Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies

3 ripe bananas

1/4 cup applesauce

1/4 cup skim milk OR almond milk

2 cups oatmeal

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup raisins OR chocolate chips

1/4 cup coconut (optional)

Preheat oven 350. Mash bananas.  Stir in the rest of the ingredients. Using a tablespoon amount, drop cookie batter onto a prepared cookie sheet.  Flatten each cookie.  Cook 18-20 minutes.  Allow time to cool.  Enjoy!

Pre-Game Meal

When:  1-2 hours before your event

What:  Whole protein food, whole grains or fruit, fluid.

Why:  Maximize physical and mental ability.  Protein and whole grains burn more slowly in the system, giving the athlete a sustainable fuel source.

Halftime Refuel

What:   Fruit and fluid.

Why:   Hydration and quick, accessible fuel from sugar in fruit.

Post-Game Mini Meal

When:  Within 30 minutes post activity.

What:  Whole protein food/protein shake, simple carbohydrate, fluid.

Why:  Glycogen is energy stored within muscle tissue. It is utilized during physical activities.  The body requires protein for cell repair, simple carbohydrates to refuel muscle energy and fluid to replace water loss post activity.  Simple carbohydrates cause the body to release insulin.  Insulin directs the cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from blood.  Very little glucose will be stored in adipose tissue due to the energy refuel requirements of the muscle cells.  The glucose is then converted to glycogen that can be stored in the liver and muscles.  Insulin also controls other body systems and regulates the amino acid uptake by body cells.

Post Game Main Meal

When:  1-2 hours after mini meal

What:  Whole protein food, variety of carbohydrates (complex and fibrous carbohydrates) and fluid.

Why:   A healthy, hearty meal provides the body with what it needs for continued recuperation – cell repair and energy!

Helpful Websites


  • “Feeding The Young Athlete” by Cynthia Lair
  • ISSA Training Manual